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Allphotos has since 1963 been wholesalers for photographic materials and equipment (traditional and now digital) to Professional Photographers, Universities, Colleges, Schools, Students, Hospitals, Fire, Ambulance and Police services, Local Government departments and keen Amateurs. 


We offer a free weekly delivery service on orders over £150 + VAT, £8.95 + VAT delivery charge if below, via our own vans across the south and southeast and an overnight courier service from £9.95 + VAT.  

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  We specialise in supplying EDUCATIONAL establishments (schools - universities - students) and LOCAL GOVERNMENT  as well as THE SERVICES (police - ambulance - fire - hospitals). If you would like to find out more about the services we offer these customers please telephone or send an email with all your details and we will contact you.




Please call 01903 206894 stating you are a student and which college/university you are from BEFORE ordering items, otherwise you will not get the student discount. We will only deliver to a pre-arranged point at the college/uni with-in our delivery area.